In pursuit of making games since 2012, our adventure started from working in a small company in Mumbai where we were employed, .. to now making games of our own.


Relax and Stack Fun Objects

Release Date : 12th October 2020


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Balance Stuff is a physics-based game where stacking and placing objects based on your choice will provide the most soothing and calming feeling ever. 


The art is created in a manner to represent a very relaxing mood.  And there is no shortage of content here. We have more than 300 levels of Balancing fun ready to play through.

Donuts Delivery

Pack these yummy donuts.

Release Date: 8th July 2020


Donuts Delivery takes you through 200 of power-packed fun levels where you swipe away in all directions to bring the donuts to their correct position in the box. These donuts though, won't make your task easy. Some of them have a ticking firecracker! some of them shuffle the whole box, some of them are coupled and move together, others are too stubborn to move! Their unique behavior makes the game super fun and often times challenging.

Puzzle Pieces Mania

PVP Multiplayer Puzzle

Release Date: 23rd March 2020


Puzzle Pieces Mania brings to you hundreds of levels, each carefully made and set at a difficulty level that will alleviate you to keep progressing. We craft the difficulty level carefully so as to never make the experience stressful.


Old School Puzzle With a twist

Release Date: 2nd March 2020


SwipeTrix brings the fun of solving puzzles in the shape of a really polished art style and grueling level design.

Swipe to Move the character. Collect all the diamonds to clear the level but watch out for enemies!​ There is no time limit so take your time to figure out the solution and advance through exhilarating levels.

A Thief's Journey

Find your way to victory!

Release Date: 6th January 2019


A simple puzzle game which is set in a relaxed environment of a museum room filled with guards, searchlights, spikes and lasers against a backdrop of soothing calm music where all you have to do is tip toe around the floor and find your way to steal the prize. Relaxing isn't it ??

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